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The folks who live in Pai defy simple categorization as "groovies" because each of them has their own level of down-to-earthness, their own way of talking about their spiritual beliefs, and their own degree to which they take themselves seriouslyand are willing to laugh. All in all, it is a pleasant experience to shop there. The 9-7's products and their selection is better than 7-11's, and the owner lady also bakes amazing breads. It is the Thai Nook who will first feel the effects of "development" in Pai because they are the ones who are most sensitive to the prices of everything. If he's going to teach, he brings along a sweet green soymilk concentrate, and before each lesson the villagers cook up the dessert in a giant vat and distribute it to the kids, one bamboo cup at a time. Jay often has the foreigners teach English too, either to the kids or the adults. In downtown Pai, you get the same public address speakers, plus chanting coming even earlier in the morning from the mosque and several wats, plus yet another soundtrack provided to you at no charge by the local high school. February 2009 Update: still no customers. Now the land in Pai, especially scenic property on the mountain slopes or on the bank of the river, belongs exclusively to owners in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. In 2003, very few places in Pai were air-conditioned, though this changed a lot as Pai "developed" into a major tourist destination. But again the poor Thais have been locked out of this by their lack of money and English skills. Too bad the business-minded folks decided to corral the tourists here in Pai rather than somewhere else (it really doesn't matter where you send them; they'll obey just the same). Everything in town was "in love" too.

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It's no surprise they were disappointed. Hirohito, Emperor Shwa. Pai also used to be a soft drug user's mecca of northern Thailand. For now, if you need eyeglasses or sunglasses, I recommend the older optical shop near Wat Luang instead. Fences of woven bamboo, overgrown with climbing vines surrounded each household. We cooked the pie in their little portable glass convection oven and it came out pretty well. 2008 Update The giant rice fields behind my house, which used to be at the edge of town, have been completely bought out by rich, arrogant condo developers from Chiang Mai who hauled in piles of teakwood to begin what became months and months. Not only were land prices cheaper, but the view from the high ground was better. This probable outcome is sad for several reasons.

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"Would you like to visit a hill tribe? As of March 2010 I've completely lost count; it seems every week I see aya chiang mai a truck bringing in another ATM to crowd Pai's increasingly Khao-San-Road-like downtown. While our note is very polite, it has a confrontational subject matter.

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